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CW UV Blue Green  Yellow Red Near IR DPSS Lasers
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DPSS CW & Q-Switched UV Blue Green Yellow Red IR Lasers
Low Noise, High Stability, Ultra-Compact
  OEM DPSS Laser Products
Diode-Pumped CW Multi-Mode Lasers
Diode-Pumped Single-Longitudinal-Mode Lasers
Diode-Pumped Q-Switched Pulsed Lasers
Collimated Laser Diodes

Diode-Pumped Solid-State (DPSS) CW or Q-Switched Violet (UV) Blue Green Yellowish Red and IR laser system includes a Laser Driver and a Laser Head, they are connected with a cable for compliance with FDA regulations as an OEM laser product, and CW laser can be operated over a wide temperature range with a Low Noise and High Stability output in TEM00 mode and Single Longitudinal Mode (SLM) with coherence length of 50 to 1000 meters.

  Diode-Pumped CW Multi-Mode Lasers
  Diode-Pumped CW Multi-Mode Red Green Blue UV Yellow IR Lasers
CW UV Lasers
CW Blue Lasers
CW Green Lasers
CW Yellow Lasers
CW Red Lasers
CW Near IR Lasers
CW IR Lasers
  Diode-Pumped Q-Switched Lasers
  Diode-Pumped Q-Switched Pulsed Red Green Blue UV IR Lasers
UV Lasers
Blue Lasers
Green Lasers
Red Lasers
IR Lasers
  DPSS Single-Longitudinal-Mode Lasers
  Diode-Pumped Single-Longitudinal-Mode (SLM) Blue Green Red and IR Lasers
SLM Blue Lasers
SLM Green Lasers
SLM Red Lasers
SLM IR Lasers
  Collimated Laser Diodes
  Diode UV Red Blue Near IR Lasers
CW Violet Lasers
CW Blue Lasers
CW Red Lasers
CW Near IR Lasers
CW IR Lasers
  Laser Optics Clearance !!
  Laser Optics: HR Mirrors, Dichroic Mirrors, Lenses, Prisms
HR Mirrors
Dichroic Mirrors
Round Lenses
Cylindrical Lenses
Prisms / Wedges
Ti:Sapphire Crystals

  Optical Components Clearance !!
  Wave Plates Glan Laser Polarizers
Laser Polarizers
Pockel Cells
Thin Film Polarizers
Beam Splitters
Clearance: Laser Optics, Laser Crystals. and Optical Components.
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