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Laser Lab Components, Inc. (LLCI) is a privately held company founded in 2004 and started as a professional supplier of High Quality Laser Optics, then in 2007 switched to a manufacturer of Diode-Pumped Solid-State (DPSS) Continuous Wave (CW), Single-Longitudinal-Mode (SLM), and Q-Switched Compact Lasers with wavelength covering from UV, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red to IR, currently specializes in designing, developing & manufacturing of advanced Ultrafast Yb-Doped picosecond and femtosecond Mode-Lock Fiber Oscillators and Yb-Doped bulk crystal free-space diode directly pumped Solid-State Amplifiers facing to scientific and industrial applications. LLCI mainly conducts its marketing and sales in North America and Europe.

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Our Compact and Efficient Diode-Pumped Solid-State CW Lasers and Q-switched Pulsed Lasers are built in UV, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Near IR regions, and Single-Frequency Lasers (Single Longitudinal Mode Lasers, SLM) in visible and near IR regions, and Lasers for both stand-alone use or OEM integration into a system or equipment for bio-analysis, imaging, range finding and laser displays.
Our OEM Low power CW Lasers are in Single Frequency or Multi-mode with high output power and highly reliable and stable performance in a compact housing.
See our available wavelengths for more details.
DPSS CW SLM Pulsed Lasers
  1. Holography;
2. Molecular Uncaging;
3. Biomedical;
4. ITO Removel;
5. Fluorescence/Spectroscopy;
6. Direct Write/Repair;
7. Reprographics;
8. Flow Cytometry;
9. Laser Trapping;
10.Gene Tagging;
12.Semiconductor Inspection;
13.Material Processing;
  DPSS CW SLM Blue Green Red IR Lasers
Blue Laser:
457nm 473nm;
Green Laser:
523.5nm 526.5nm 532nm 556nm 561nm;
Red Laser:
660nm 671nm;
IR Laser:
1064nm 1342nm;
Coherence Length:
> 2 meters; > 50 meters;
M2 Factor:
< 1.2;
Output Mode:
Warm-Up Time:
< 20 Minutes;
Beam Divergence:
< 1.2 mrad;
Polarization Ratio:
> 100:1;
< 40 urad;
Operation Temp.:
15 ~ 35 degree C;
24 Months;
Shipping & Handling:
$50.0 within United States;
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